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May 20, 2020

Home remedies to stop hair fall and help regrow it

Not having hair does not have a direct impact on our health but the loss of hair can be a cause of mental stress for many. The symptoms of hair loss include constant hair fall, creation of bald patches, a receding hairline and thinning of hair especially in women. So everyone is looking for some natural home remedies to stop hair fall.
Home remedies to stop hair fall and help regrow it

The most significant cause is lack of proper nutrition. Vitamin B6 and folic acid are essential for hair growth and strength. Lack of either can cause hair loss.

Stress, weakness and anaemia can reduce the strength of the hair and cause hair fall. An unclean scalp can also block and weaken the hair pores on the scalp. For some, hair loss could be a hereditary condition.

While there are a variety of medications available in the market, there are also many natural remedies that you can use at home to prevent hair fall. Here we will look at 10 natural supplements, vitamins and other ingredients that can improve your hair.

10 natural home remedies to stop hair fall

Home remedies to stop hair fall and help regrow it

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is highly useful for the health of your hair and scalp. It is extremely important to strengthen and protect hair from future damage.

Healthline suggests, "All cells present in your body need vitamin A for proper growth". This includes hair which is the fastest growing tissue in your body.

Vitamin A also helps skin glands form an oily substance called Sebum. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps to keep your hair healthy. Deficiency of vitamin A in your body can cause many problems, including hair fall.

You can take vitamin A as a personal supplement, or a multivitamin including vitamin A. Moreover, vitamin A is naturally present in meat, fish and organs.


Like vitamin A, protein is extremely essential for your hair growth. In fact, many parts of your body need protein for growth, such as muscles and skin. Protein is one of the important nutrition that nourishes your hair and nurtures its growth.

The recommended daily amount is two to three ounces of meat or a combination of four to five servings of dairy and beans.

You can consume more protein by drinking a protein shake or by adding more meat, fish and poultry to your diet. Protein is naturally present in seeds, nuts, and soy products.


Collagen supplies your hair with amino acids that are required to produce keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes hair. Collagen can be consumed but is often applied topically in creams, hair masks, special shampoos, or treatments.

Collagen is known to protect the skin and does a lot for your hair. It reduces stretch and reduces hair breakage.


Iron deficient individuals often suffer from hair loss. This is because iron supports the production of hemoglobin, which is essential for healthy hair.

Healthline suggests, "The deficiency of iron in the body leads to hair loss, especially in women. Iron is very crucial for the production of red blood cells that supply oxygen and vital vitamins to the hair for its growth."

You can take iron supplements or include some iron-rich food in your diets such as pumpkin seeds, tofu, dried apricots and other ingredients.


B vitamin, biotin is another thing that is necessary for your hair to stay healthy and strong. Without biotin hair thinning, the nails become brittle, and other parts of your body begin to ache.

Dermatologists suggest that biotin is extremely useful for hair disorders ... It also makes nails thicker, and oral biotin is highly safe even if it is taken in large quantities. You can get biotin as a supplement or consume more spinach, sweet potatoes and eggs.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is often prescribed to pregnant women to help in the development of infants in the uterus. It is also great for the healthy growth of skin, nails and hair.

Hair growth treatments rich in folic acid promote thickness, softness and strength. Folic acid works by promoting healthy red blood cells which are essential for strong and healthy hair. You can find folic acid naturally in beans, pasta and rice.


Hair repair is often a precursor to thickening. When hair follicles are able to heal on their own, they have a better chance of growing naturally. Zinc also provides a service by regulating the oil in your scalp. It reduces scaly dandruff and oily hair.

If your hair loss is due to zinc deficiency, then taking zinc will improve hair growth and improve almost immediately. You can get more zinc through oral supplements, or by eating whole grains, legumes, and conch shells.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba has many health-related properties, some that increase blood circulation while supplying vital nutrients to your follicles. Many health, age and hormone-related issues cause hair loss.

Gingko Biloba supplements have shown great success in reducing thinness and loss while promoting thin and strong hair.


Horsetail is usually taken in the form of a capsule to treat hair loss. Hair thinning can sometimes be caused by nutritional deficiencies. Horsetail is a great resource to connect your hair with the nutrients they desperately need.

It helps the scalp and follicles absorb other nutrients and vitamins that you feed them. If you have problems with your skin and scalp, horsetails can help to reduce redness, smooth texture and dryness or oiliness.

Some people use horsetail for hair loss, dissolve it in water and spray it directly on the hair. However, you choose to keep your hair with a horsetail, you can relax knowing that it is harder to overcome thinness and damage.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is great for your scalp health. It is also considered as one of the great home remedies to prevent hair fall. Like other essential oils, rosemary oil can be slightly intense if placed directly on the skin. 

Instead of using directly, most of the users add some coconut oil in Rosemary oil or even olive oil before spraying it on the scalp. Rosemary oil also works well as a mask. You can leave it on the hair for 20 minutes, rinse it with warm water.

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