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May 24, 2020

Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Low-calorie foods are the main key to lose bodyweight. Calories from food provide the energy that your body needs to function and stay alive.

Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

'Calorie' is the unit of measurement of energy. When you eat, your body uses energy to digest that food.

This means the more calories a meal has; the more energy will be released on burning. The fact is, high-calorie foods cause high amounts of fat.

The order of macronutrients of food is divided into three types (protein, carbohydrate, and fat). Out of these 3, one gram of fat produces 9 calories, while every gram of carbs and protein produce 4 calories.

Fish is an example of low-calorie foods. Many types of fish have less than 1 gram of fat per 100 grams of meat. 

Chicken is another good low-calorie food. Depending on how you cook it and the chicken portion, 100 grams of meat may contain 1 to 2 grams of fat.

Do you know that every time you dine in a restaurant, you are eating 1000 - 2000 calories easily! In addition, this food can contain up to 100 grams of fat.

What are Zero calorie foods?

Zero calorie or negative calorie foods are those low-calorie foods that burn more calories than they contain.

Let us assume a food has 50 calories. After eating that food, your body starts digesting that food and burns 50 calories. This type of food will be considered as zero-calorie food.

Benefits of low-calorie foods

  • Boost metabolism
  • Helps in fat burning
  • Stabiles blood sugar levels
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Good for skin & hair
  • Improves blood circulation

List of Low-Calorie foods


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Beets are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals. Additionally, it has medicinal properties also.

Beetroots are rich in many essential nutrients such as folate (vitamin B9), Potassium, Manganese, and Iron.

It is a great source of inorganic nitrates. Hence it provides many health benefits including improved blood circulation and low blood pressure.

  •  100 grams of beetroot contains 43 calories.


Beetroots are packed with essential nutrients & full of water (87%) which makes you hydrated and full.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet due to its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals content. Additionally, apples contain a huge amount of fibre.

It contains Pectin which helps to lower cholesterol and improve blood glucose control.

Note: Try to consume apples, not in the form of juice or puree.

  • 100 grams of apples contains approx. 52 grams of calories.


Apples are one of the richest sources of fibre, vitamins and contain very few calories which are linked with less hunger.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Watermelons not only provide many health benefits but also delicious and refreshing.

It is high in water content and loaded with vitamins and minerals. It also contains antioxidants and boosts metabolism.

Watermelon is full of water keeps you hydrated and full. Hence it is in the list of low-calorie foods. This is full of essential nutrients while supplying a minimal number of calories.

  • 100 grams of watermelon carries only 30 calories.


The combination of fibre and water in watermelon makes you full means you are eating a good amount of food without too many calories.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Oats are among one of the advantageous grains on the earth. It is rich in carbs and proteins.

Oatmeal absorbs a lot of water and is full of fibre. Both of which make it an excellent meal for your appetite control.

Oats are enriched with various antioxidants which includes avenanthramides also. Including oatmeal is the right way to start the day, using very few calories.


Oats contain a high amount of carbs and fibre which helps you to get rid of hunger pangs.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Celery is one of the most popular foods which contains very low calories. This long-lasting green stalk contains insoluble fibre that can go without contributing any calories to your body.

Celery is also high in water, vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids. It is also an amazing source of phytonutrients, which reduces inflammation in the digestive system, cells, blood vessels, and organs.

  • 100 grams of celery holds only 8 calories.


The high water content of celery(about 95%) and moderate amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre increase the feeling of fullness.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Carrots are known to help you protect your eyes, but they absolutely do more. It improves digestion and has anti-inflammatory property also.

You can include carrots in any weight loss diet plan. It can be consumed as a part of your dish, as an appetizer or it can also be consumed in the raw form.

Carrots are high in vitamins A and C. They're also a good source of several B vitamins, potassium and manganese.

  • 100 grams of carrots contains 40 Calories.


Carrots are very high in water content (85-90%), carbs and soluble fibre that slow down the emptying of your stomach.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Cherries are loaded with nutrition and offer numerous health benefits. Consuming it can help reduce inflammation, improve the quality of sleep and boost heart health.

Cherries are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients that are necessary for your body to work efficiently.

It increases athletic performance and reduces muscle damage and soreness.

Cherries are full of potassium and polyphenol antioxidants that have powerful heart-protective properties.

Studies suggest powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cherries are beneficial in the case of arthritis and gout.

  • 100 grams of cherries contain almost 50 calories.


Cherries are packed with potassium and fibre that makes you feel full.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

They are loaded with vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. Pineapple is also helpful in boosting your immunity.

It builds strong bones and improves digestion. Despite their sweetness, pineapples are in the category of low-calorie food.

Pineapples are rich in vitamin C and manganese also. To have dietary fiber and bromelain (an enzyme), this tropical fruit can be a good option.

Rich in manganese, pineapples are loaded with thiamine, a B vitamin that is involved in energy production.

Pineapples contain very small amounts of sodium, free of fat and cholesterol. Not surprisingly, they have sugar, about 14 grams per cup.

  • 100 grams of pineapple contains approx. 50 calories.


Pineapples are packed with fibre and manganese that increase the feeling of fullness.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that can be found in every kitchen. They can be served in tomato sauce or cooked.

Tomatoes contain large amounts of vitamin C and other antioxidants that help your body to last.

However, they contain a high concentration of lycopene, which is a cancer-fighting superhero and helps prevent heart disease.

  • 100 grams of tomatoes contain 17 grams of Calories.


Tomatoes are rich in potassium and folate which slow down the emptying of your stomach.

White mushroom

Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Mushrooms contain adequate amounts of vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. It is also rich in vitamin B and many powerful antioxidants including selenium.

Vitamin B improves mood and provides an energy boost that lasts for hours. Mushrooms contain a variety of proteins and fibers.

  • 100 grams of white mushrooms contain 20 calories.


Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and antioxidants that make you feel full for hours.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Cucumbers are a refreshing vegetable with many essential minerals. They are also used to flavour water along with fruits and herbs.

Since cucumbers contain a lot of water, they are on the list of low-calorie foods. These contain polyphenols which are extremely beneficial for your body.

In addition, cucumbers contain many B vitamins such as B1, B5, B7, biotin. Vitamins mainly contain water and fiber, they are very good for your digestive system.

  • 100 grams of cucumber contains only 10 calories.


Cucumbers are filled with water and fibre that helps in appetite control.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Broccoli is a member of the cross family of vegetables that are all high in nutrients and antioxidants. It is high in fibre and low in total calories.

It contains a great amount of vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and potassium. High fibre intake can also help lower cholesterol and promote digestive health.

  • 100 grams of Broccoli contains 31 calories.


Broccoli enriched with fibre and essential nutrients help you to stop food cravings.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

It is a great source of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants which reduces the cholesterol level. Papaya is enriched with vitamin A that helps to protect your eyesight from degeneration.
Those who want to lose weight should include papaya in their diet because it has very few calories. The amount of fiber in papaya makes you feel full and also good for your bowel movement.

Immunity of your body protects against various infections. One papaya contains almost double the amount of daily recommended vitamin C, which is extremely essential to boost your immunity.

In today's time, it is impossible for your digestive system to avoid eating foods that are bad. We consume junk foods and fast foods very Often which directly affects your digestive system.

Papaya contains fiber and a digestive enzyme called papain that helps to improve your digestion.

Papaya is loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids that protect your cells from free radical damage. 
Some research has also linked the consumption of papaya to a lower risk of colon and prostate cancer.

  • 100 grams of papaya contains 43 calories.


Papaya is rich in fibre makes you feel full for hours.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Eggs are extremely nutritious because they are low in calories but are rich in many important nutrients. A large egg contains about 72 calories and 6 grams of protein and a wide range of important vitamins and minerals.


According to Studies, beginning your day with egg can reduce hunger and increase fullness.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Tangerines fruits have provided delicious goodness to the world for thousands of years. This sweet-sour taste and thin skin make you fresh.

It is loaded with antioxidants that can help fight free radicals responsible for disease formation and premature ageing. Tangerine is rich in vitamins A and C as well as iron, potassium, folate, fiber, and flavonoids.

As it loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and free from gluten, it is easy to digest. Regular consumption can help in the case of constipation and bloat.

  • 100 grams of Tangerines contain approx. 53 calories.


Tangerines are rich in fibre and potassium improve the feeling of fullness and improve appetite control.

Eggplant or Aubergine

Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Eggplants contain fibre, potassium, vitamin C and B6. They contain a red-blue flavonoid plant pigment, Anthocyanin which is helpful for dropping blood pressure significantly.

Eggplants also contain polyphenols(antioxidants). It is loaded with many essential minerals including iron and copper.

  • 100 grams of eggplant contains 20 grams of calories.


Eggplants are rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre which helps to stop food craving.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Although butter contains tons of calories. But when we talk about low-calorie food or snack, air-filled popcorn will always be a great option.

Enriched with fibre, popcorn is on the tops the list as it is the most filling low-calorie snacks.

Since popcorn has a very high volume, it can fill you up on fewer calories than most snack foods.


Popcorn is high in fibre, which can slow down your digestion and stabilize blood sugar. It also reduces hunger and promotes satisfaction in a better way than other snacks.

Chia Seeds

Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants. 

Chia seeds can be eaten cooked or raw, but they must be added to other foods or soaked before eating.

Chia seeds fulfill 18% of the daily requirement of calcium, 27% of phosphorus, 30% of manganese, and small amounts of potassium and copper.

Plant-based foods have long been associated with reduced risk of many adverse health conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality.

Chia seeds are extremely helpful for a healthier complexion and weight reduction.


Chia seeds are high in fibre, help people feel fuller for longer and they are usually lower in calories.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Peaches also provide small amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and some B vitamins.

In addition, they’re rich in antioxidants which combat oxidative damage and help protect your body against aging and disease.

Peaches are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It contains fiber, which contributes to smooth digestion and a lower risk of gut disorders.

Consuming peaches helps to lower risk factors for heart disease, like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • 100 grams peaches contain 39 grams of peaches.


Peaches are rich in fibre and many essential minerals that promote fullness and reduce calorie intake.


Low Calorie Foods that can speed up your weight loss

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant which is necessary for your immunity and skin health.

It is enriched with Folate (vitamin B9), One of the B vitamins which is important for tissue growth and cell function

Strawberries are also high in Potassium which is extremely essential for many body functions, such as regulating blood pressure.

It is a good source of Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and vitamins B6, K, and E.

Strawberries are also rich in antioxidants such as pelargonidin, ellagic acid, ellagitannins and procyanidins.

  • 100 grams of strawberries contain 32 calories.


Strawberries contain 91% water and also very high in fibre and carbs that help you to get rid of hunger pangs.

The Bottom line

Lower calories consumption doesn't mean you have to feel hungry all the time.  Most of the low-calorie foods are high in fibre and water content which stop cravings and decreases your hunger.

For desire result, Many Nutritionists suggest these foods in the diet charts.

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