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May 30, 2020

Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Stress is toxic. It will rob your peace of mind and your health. But our body warns us time to time and gives us different silent signs of stress.

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Stress is an epidemic of modern life. Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression are particularly contagious.

Stress not being good for your body impacts your mental and physical health. From your mood to your immunity, every system responds adversely to stress.

Studies have shown chronic stress affects your brain, causes hormonal imbalance, and leaves you susceptible to autoimmune disorders.

So before boosting your emotional immunity against it, you have to recognize whether you are overstressed? Below are some silent signs of stress that are killing you every day.

Warning Signs of Stress

Feeling stressed every time

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Are you getting depressed at every little thing? Feeling low once in a while is normal. We all are human and explore a range of emotions.

Every day is not going to be a Friday. But if you find yourself grappling with the low mood daily, or you do not feel enthusiastic about your day anymore, stress could be the reason.

Every event surrounding us impacts our lives. While stress can sometimes be considered a mobilizer to activate your body & mind, higher levels of it invite danger.

Extreme stress triggers hormones and elevates their levels. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone is capable of causing long term depression. It is one of the critical indicators of an over-stressed mind.

Random Back pain

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Have you been noticing random aches and pains, especially in your back? Without any injury or apparent reason? Stress could be the culprit.

Stress is a powerful monster. It affects you in more ways than you think. If you’re experiencing constant back pains, it’s time to work on your stress level.

Stress tightens your muscles around your shoulders and down your spine. The tension arising due to such a condition causes pain in your lower back muscles.

These backaches may also be from physical inactivity. So now, when you get that back pain, you know it’s time to relax and work on your stress level.

Besides relaxing, do not forget to be active and exercise regularly. Sometimes the most effective cures are the simplest.


 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

There are several reasons why your digestive system acts up. It could be your unhealthy eating habits or lack of physical activity.

But if your digestive system is acting up despite you doing every right, it could be stress generated problem.

Over-stress can cause bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues. Studies show that high-level stress impacts our digestive system, leading to chronic health issues.

Excessive sweating

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

In walking a few steps and climbing a couple of stairs, are you sweating like you just ran a marathon?

Sweating is generally good and helps your body get rid of toxins; anything can be harmful if taken in excess.

Too much sweating isn’t just a hygiene issue; it can put you at risk of dehydration.

If you’re experiencing an increased level of body sweat, it’s time to check your stress level. Stress may be the reason for excessive sweating.


 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Are you bothered by a sudden outbreak of acne on your face? It could be your stress.

Acne caused by stress... giving you stress? But unfortunately, this is the truth, and several studies have confirmed there is a connection between the two.

When you’re stressed, you tend to touch your face as a comforting measure. Stress leads to the spread of bacteria on the skin surface, which helps in the development of acne.

Itchy Skin

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

How can stress cause itching? You tend to experience intense physical sensations with increased levels of stress.

Even tingling sensations can be mistaken for itchiness. Experts list itchiness and skin rashes among the probable side-effects of high-level stress.

Stress and anxiety often worsen an existing skin condition, resulting from allergies or other issues.

Increased heartbeat

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Your beating heart is a sign of life inside you. But if it’s beating too quickly too often, it may be cause for concern.

Increased heartbeats are often accompanied by excessive sweating, shortness of breath, and dizziness. If left untreated, it can cause you to lose consciousness.

Increased heartbeats could be the increased rate of palpitations caused by higher stress levels. Even strong emotions may lead to stress giving way to panic attacks.

Keeping your stress levels under check is the best thing for you and your heart.

Temporary memory loss

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

How many of us can instantly recall what we ate at breakfast? How many of you often forget things in your everyday life? Temporary memory loss is one of the warning signs of stress.

Stress can severely impact your natural memory retention capacity. When we learn something new, the brain prepares to retain memory.

Now by repeating the same exercise, we make it permanent in our memory. Extreme stress levels impact our brain and clog our mind.

Lower libido

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Being physically close to your partner is an integral part of love life which also offers many health benefits. However, hectic work life can cause enough stress to make you dull in the bedroom.

Studies have shown that chronic stress leads to less arousal. Experts recommend you adopt a healthy diet and exercise regularly to see a natural increase in your desires.

An ideal combination of these two will boost your confidence. It’s expected to deliver much-needed relief from stress. Be it yoga or a short run; exercise can do wonders for your love life.


 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Insomnia is the chronic deprivation of sleep. A stressed mind often stays active at night and worries about our workplace, family issues, and financial issues.

Even overthinking can develop into stress. It leads to insomnia, a condition that can be either short-term or long-term. In most cases, short-term insomnia is stress-induced or related to some recent trauma.

Maintaining an active lifestyle, healthy diet and regular sleep patterns help improve insomnia to a great extent.

Changes in the appetite

 Signs of Stress that are killing you slowly

Have you been noticing sudden changes in your appetite? Have you stopped craving foods, you love?

Changes in appetite are telltale signs of stress. It means your body is affected by something and trying to fight it through reduced or increased appetite.

According to studies, people with chronic stress ate without even feeling hungry. Stress is one of the major contributing factors for weight gain in overweight people.

The Bottom Line

Are you feeling over-stressed? Do you have any signs of stress?

Meditation and spending time alone can calm your wandering mind. A healthy diet and sound sleep are also crucial in decreasing your stress level.

Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise daily, and meditate to create harmony between your body and brain.

If nothing helps, you need to visit a doctor, who may prescribe psychological counselling.

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