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June 4, 2020

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Do you know how vital biotin is to your body? Are you taking enough biotin-rich foods?

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Biotin is an essential member of the vitamin B complex group that plays a vital role throughout the production of fatty acids during cell growth and metabolism of fats and amino acids.

This water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, is essential for converting food into energy. If you want healthy skin, beautiful hair, and strong nails, then you need it.

This vitamin also plays a vital role in promoting the healthy functioning of the liver. Biotin is essential for your body. It is included in the prenatal vitamins given to expecting mothers.

But how do you ensure that you get enough biotin? Below is a list of some biotin rich foods.

Top 10 Biotin Rich Foods


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Who doesn't want beautiful, luscious hair? Due to pollution, unhealthy diet, use of harmful chemicals, and stress, your hair becomes dull and brittle over time.

Often this is due to a lack of vitamins in the body, especially vitamin B7 or biotin, contributing to these issues. But there is nothing to worry that the situation can be corrected back. Just turn to the egg.

Egg yolk is rich in biotin - a water-soluble vitamin that promotes hair growth and improves overall scalp health. An egg provides you with up to 10 micrograms of biotin. It is advisable to eat well-cooked eggs for maximum absorption of B7.

Salmon & Tuna Fish

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Do you often feel ill? Do you think you are less immune than others? If this is the case, try adding fish to your diet, you will be surprised by the result.

Salmon is a popular choice when it comes to eating fish for maximum nutrition. Salmon gives you many health benefits. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which provide you with better immunity and protect against heart issues.

There is 5 mg of biotin per 85 grams of salmon. Tuna also contains a moderate amount of biotin, although in slightly smaller amounts than salmon. Eighty-five grams of tuna contains about one milligram of biotin.

Sweet Potatoes

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Are you surprised to see sweet potato in this list of biotin rich food? This delicious veggie gives you a plethora of vitamins and minerals, especially biotin.

You will be surprised to know that sweet potato has the highest level of biotin found in vegetables. About 3 mg of biotin is available in every half cup of sweet potato.

Besides, it is also rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A inside our body. If you want beautiful skin, nails, or hair, then definitely include sweet potato in your diet.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

These veggies that are often found in your fridge are nutritional powerhouses. These two veggies provide many health benefits. They provide you with both biotin and sulfur, which are essential for your body's optimal functioning.

Just a half cup of fresh broccoli provides you with one microgram of biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so you cannot store it in your body. You will need to get it daily from your diet.

So even if you hate broccoli, try your best to eat them. It is more nutritious if you eat it steamed because then broccoli can retain all its nutrients.

Cauliflowers are also not far behind in terms of nutrition. One serving of raw cauliflower contains 17 micrograms of biotin. Eating fresh cabbage ensures the absorption of maximum food.

Liver and Animal Meat

Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Do you know that including organ meats, the specially cooked liver in your diet, can give an excellent boost to your immunity? By the way, it also provides a sufficient amount of biotin.

In the animal body, most biotin accumulates in the liver, with only small amounts being absorbed by the small intestine. In terms of quantity, the 3-ounce cooked beef liver contains about 31 micrograms of biotin.

Even other organs like the kidney are an excellent source. Biotin content may vary depending on the type of meat and its quality.


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

This small, brown nut is rich in nutrients that you will see in almost every healthy food list, just as you see in the list of biotin rich foods. It is no wonder that it is considered superfood worldwide.

Whether you eat almonds in salty or roasted form, you will get the same level of biotin. The study shows that a quarter cup of roasted almonds contains about two micrograms of biotin.

A handful of almonds will provide you with biotin as well as protein and vitamin E. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are nutritious as well as calorie-dense. So, moderation is the key.


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Some people believe that avocado helps with morning sickness during pregnancy! If you are tired of using various creams and lotions to improve your dry skin, try adding avocados to your diet.

It has an excellent nutritional profile. This delicious fruit is rich in healthy fats, biotin, dietary fibre, and many other vitamins and minerals. Approximately 3.2–10 micrograms of biotin are found in 100 grams of avocado.


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Mushrooms are another great name in the list of biotin rich foods. Given the nutritional value of the fungus, it can quickly be declared a winner.

It helps in fighting parasites and other harmful particles due to the abundance of biotin and other nutrients in mushrooms. You may like to eat it raw or chop it up. Either way, you will absorb biotin.


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

Want to get rid of scalp issues? Are you falling short on biotin and iron? Spinach is the panacea treatment for you. Try this dark, green leafy vegetable, and it will give a robust reboot to your immune system, hair, and digestive system.

It contains maximum levels of biotin among green leafy vegetables. One cup of spinach leaves can provide up to 7 micrograms of biotin.


Biotin Rich Foods to supercharge your hair growth

When you talk about nutrition, you cannot ignore cheese. Most dairy products provide biotin. In the study of 23 types of cheese, blue cheese and Camembert found the highest amount of biotin.

Popular cheese alternatives such as cheddar and American also contain significant amounts of biotin.


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