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June 3, 2020

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Do you monitor your diet for Calcium intake? Do you regularly consume Calcium Rich Foods? Your body needs many types of minerals to carry out the daily journey of life, of which Calcium is also an essential mineral.

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Calcium is a fundamental building block in your body. Your body needs it for optimal functioning of your heart, muscles and nervous system

Your body mainly needs a lot of Calcium to make bones and teeth. Along with this, it helps form blood clots for the wound and helps to communicate with the nerves.

Your body does not make Calcium itself; it supplies it from Calcium rich foods or Calcium supplements.

According to experts, adult men and women require 1000 milligrams of Calcium every day. Whereas women over 50 and all over 70 years should increase their daily calcium intake to 1200 mg.

However, a large part of the population does not get enough Calcium. Inadequate supply of Calcium can lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults.

Calcium deficiency can cause several other problems, including irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps and cramps, and abnormal blood clots. Below is the list of some Calcium rich foods.

Top Calcium Rich Foods


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Do you know that your favorite dessert is loaded with so many health beneficial properties? Yogurt is an excellent source of Calcium.

It's also super creamy and lives probiotic bacteria, which offers plenty of health benefits.

Statistically speaking, a serving of 245 grams of plain yogurt gives you approximately 30% of your recommended daily intake for Calcium.

The diet watchers may also prefer low-fat yogurt, which is far more abundant in Calcium. It contains approximately 45% of the recommended daily intake for Calcium in the same serving.

It's also rich in Phosphorus, Potassium, B2, and B12. A study shows that people consuming yogurt show better metabolic health and run a lower risk of heart issues and Type-2 diabetes.


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

It is not surprising that many people around the world consider Broccoli as a superfood because it is nutrient-dense.

Broccoli belongs to the community of the Brassica genus plant. This particular genus is known to be rich in many cardinals, vitamins C, K, E, folate, and minerals.

Another good thing about this green vegetable is that it is rich in fiber. A group of glucosinolates is present, and the Broccoli breaks down to several biologically active compounds often studied for anticancer effects.

One cup of frozen Broccoli contains 87 milligrams of Calcium. It gives more nutrition if consumed naturally.

Butternut squash

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

It may not be on your list of favorite vegetables, but it offers unique health benefits. Eighty-four milligrams of Calcium is present in one cup of butternut squash.

Not only this, but you also get 31 mg of vitamin C by consuming just one cup of butternut squash. Now you may wonder what vitamin C has to do with you in increasing Calcium intake.

But research has shown that it matters a lot. Vitamin C increases the absorption of Calcium in the body. Rest assured that you can continue taking calcium supplements with orange juice without losing the benefit of either of them.

Another good thing about this is that people with high amounts of vitamin C are at low risk of developing various types of cancer. Several studies are trying to establish a clear connection between high vitamin C and cancer risks.


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Here is another reason why chocolate-chip cookies are filled with Calcium when dipped in milk. Milk is one of the best and readily available sources of Calcium.

A cup of cow's milk(237 milliliters) contains 352 milligrams of Calcium along with fat levels.

You would be surprised to know that goat milk is also rich in Calcium. It is estimated that one cup of goat milk contains 327 mg of Calcium.

Milk contains protein, as well as vitamin A. Do not consume milk if you are lactose intolerant.


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Have you ever thought that those small seeds that you see in local grocery stores can be a powerhouse of nutrition?

Many seeds are loaded with Calcium. Poppy seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds are some examples.

Just one cup of poppy contains 126 mg of Calcium, which is 13% of your recommended daily intake. One teaspoon of sesame seeds provides 9% of your recommended Calcium.

Another popular pick is Chia seeds. They are rich in plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and are also rich in Calcium. Seeds like sesame also supply iron, manganese, and copper.

Sunflower seeds

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Who knew that those beautiful yellow flowers were not only served as eye candy but also produced highly nutritious seeds?

A cup of sunflower seed contains 109 milligrams of Calcium and the right amount of Magnesium. It balances the effects of Calcium in the body and regulates the health of their nerves and muscles.

Vitamin E and Copper are also found in sunflower seeds. Besides, these essential nutrients can promote better bone health and flexibility.

Sardines and salmon

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Sardines and salmon are calcium-rich foods due to their soft bones. They also provide high protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are naturally beneficial for your heart health, skin, and brain. Also, high levels of selenium and salmon will protect you against the effects of mercury.

Sweet potatoes

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Boiled sweet potato tastes excellent and is also suitable for your digestive system. Sweet potato is a natural source of Calcium, and hence it is in the list of Calcium rich foods.

Sixty-eight milligrams of Calcium is present in a large size sweet potato. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, and potassium. While vitamin A will give you good eyesight, vitamin C will cause better absorption of Calcium in your intestine.

The sweet potato will help you fight the signs of aging and reduce the risk of some types of cancer for its rich nutrients. Contrary to popular belief, sweet potato contains less fat and calories.


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Almonds are great for you. They have the highest levels of Calcium in the nut family. You will get a generous supply of magnesium manganese and protein by including almonds in your daily diet.

Also, they provide healthy fats, fiber, and vitamin E. An ounce of almond offers you 8% of the recommended daily intake of Calcium. Regular consumption of nuts reduces the risk of blood pressure and metabolic issues.

Leafy greens

Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Dark leafy greens have the right amount of Calcium, of which green spinach and bananas give you excellent health benefits.

Do you know that approximately 270 mg of Calcium is present in just one cup of cooked collard greens? Which is about a quarter of the amount of Calcium you need daily?

Raw mustard is another excellent source of Calcium. One cup of Raw mustard contains 64 milligrams of Calcium.


Calcium Rich Foods for Better Bone Health

Another regular diet partner of the modern world tofu is a natural and excellent source of Calcium. A cup of tofu provides you with 275 mg.

It is included in the list of Calcium rich foods because of the enormous amount of calcium present. The amount of Calcium in tofu will vary according to its firmness and brand.

Make it a habit to read the label before choosing the right brand of tofu for you. It is better to buy tofu with calcium-rich salt, which the manufacturers use as a coagulant.


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