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June 29, 2020

Does staring at the computer screen hurt your eyes?

Many people start their work by turning on the computer, and from that moment till the end of the day they keep staring at the screen of the computer. But have they ever thought about the inconvenience caused by the computer in their daily lives, such as eye fatigue, sensitivity, and even itchy skin?

 Does staring at the computer screen hurt your eyes?

Long-term eye fatigue is close to the terminal screen, or the screen is poorly designed too much-reflected light, or the screen is also different from the ambient lighting, which can cause eye strain.

Symptoms include red eyes, itching, dryness, difficulty focusing, double images of the sight, and continuous looking at the screen for a long time and the edge of the object may be blurred when looking at other things.

Dry eye syndrome

If you look at the computer screen for too long, you will feel that your eyes are dry, and then you will feel tingling and discomfort. This situation is the symptom of dry eye syndrome. In the long run, both eyes will be easily inflamed, and in severe cases, corneal ulcers will be caused, which will affect vision.

Eye and the camera lens, they need to keep the water clean and clear of moisture. At least two or three blinks in a minute are enough to exert a moisturizing effect, but some people who are too addicted to work often neglect this natural movement; coupled with prolonged exposure to the computer, the eyes are not moisturized and dry eyes situation is serious.

Impact of Dry eye syndrome 

Vision deficiency is the cause of dry eye. Patients will feel dry, dry, heavy, and burning, especially in an air-conditioned environment. Dry eye can also affect vision because tears can cause the condensed image on the surface of the eyeball to be reflected on the retina, which helps clear the field of vision; if the tears are insufficiently moisturized and cannot help transmit light, there will be more and more hazy feelings. Eyes with long-term dry eye syndrome will be more susceptible to inflammation. For example, a long-term lack of tears and moisture will cause corneal ulcers and affect vision.

Dealing with dry eye syndrome

it is not difficult to treat dry eye syndrome. A simple method is to use artificial tears with medicinal properties. After dripping, the water distribution is better, and the eyes are moisturized. However, unauthorized purchase of eye drops without a doctor’s diagnosis can be dangerous to the eyes, especially some steroid-containing eye drops, although they have sound anti-inflammatory effects, they may cause side effects and damage the eyes when abused.

Skin rashes

There will be papules, pimples, itching, or redness on the skin of the face or other parts of the computer user. It is related to the fingers often touching the keyboard that is easy to hide dust and then touching the face or skin. Besides, the indoor humidity is too low, and Work pressure is also related.

Prevention methods

Make sure that the relative humidity in the working environment is not too low. Put a small glass of water in a safe place. Wash your hands after using the keyboard and keep the keyboard clean and clean up the accumulated dust.

Tips to help reduce digital eye strain

  • Eyes should be allowed a reasonable rest period, such as taking a 5-minute break for every hour of continuous computer operation.
  • Choose a good fluorescent screen or add a filter barrier.
  • Reorganize the indoor lighting system to reduce the degree of backlighting or dimming.
  • Install a filter in front of the computer screen to prevent reflected light.
  • Install auxiliary lighting equipment to supplement insufficient light source.
  • Arrange work items of different nature, such as telephone contact or searching file records, etc., in the time of operating the computer to reduce eye fatigue.

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