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July 3, 2020

Tetanus: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Tetanus is an infectious disease, and the strong toxins produced by the clostridium can cause intense muscle contraction. This Clostridium tetanus will germinate in places suitable for reproduction, such as skin wounds. Therefore, there is a risk of tetanus if the skin is damaged by accidents such as stab wounds, burns, or animal bites. If you have not received an anti-tetanus immunization injection, the disease can be fatal.

Tetanus: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


  • Patients may feel discomfort, fever, headache, sweating, jaw muscle pain, stiffness, and difficulty swallowing. But generally speaking, the initial symptoms are not obvious.
  • The back may be painful and curved, causing the neck to pull back, and the muscles in other parts may also be stiff.
  • When hearing a loud noise or being touched, the patient's muscles may contract suddenly.


There are wounds on the body that are infected by tetanus bacteria.


Asphyxia, pneumonia.


Clean the wound of the patient, give the patient a drug to control muscle contraction and stiffness, and inject a drug that can neutralize tetanus toxin.


  • Children under one year of age must receive an anti-tetanus agent immunization injection; when they are in Primary One and Primary Six, they will be given boosters to enhance their immunity. Adults who have not received immunization injections must receive three injections six weeks and six months apart. The average person does not respond well to immunization injections, and the injection site may have pain that lasts about a day.
  • If you have been injured and received the last immunization injection five years or more ago, you should receive another booster. The booster should also be injected regularly every ten years.
  • People who are often close to animals or dirt, such as farmers and gardeners, should be given boosters every five years.
  • After a serious injury, immune serum may be injected to neutralize the toxin of tetanus.

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